Cremation Ceremonies

Cremation is a growing alternative to the burial process. It may be chosen by people because of religious beliefs, the desire to preserve the environment, cost or because it was specifically requested by the person who passed. Cremation, however, does not take away the opportunity for a meaningful ceremony. The options with cremation ceremonies are limitless. Regardless if you choose a cremation, cremation with a funeral service, or a simple memorial service our experienced staff will assist you in creating a memorable experience to honor your loved one. 

Traditions and Customs

A cremation ceremony allows family and friends of the deceased the opportunity to celebrate the life of loved ones, and gives comfort to those left behind. The options with cremation ceremonies are limitless and can be uniquely personalized to include music, a photo slideshow of your loved one's life, a playlist of favorite songs, or candle or incense lighting.  

Selections for a permanent resting place are also expanding when a cremation ceremony is chosen including, being planted with a tree, scattering ashes in a favorite location or a permanent memorial where loved ones have a special place to visit and reflect. 

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